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Post, take two

For some reason my laptop just got wedged, hard... So, I'm starting several things over, including this journal entry.

My test Linux box (geezer, a P166/MMX) is chugging through a build of Samba, the Windows file server package for Linux/UNIX. I've been running Samba servers here and there for years, but I'm looking to do something more with this one. Samba servers can be configured to run as member servers in a Windows domain. If I can get this running without too much muss and fuss that means I will have one of the two main building blocks I need to start pushing my Linux strategy at work.

The other main building block is software RAID. I've been working with that on geezer for about a week, and I like what I see. The tools (mdadm) are mature and easy to use, and the setup is pretty straight-forward. If the Samba install goes well, I'll start beating up on the RAID setup this afternoon or tomorrow. I need to have a comfort level with how you recover an array with a bad disk before I start entrusting other people's data to it.

My "Linux Strategy", such as it is, is to begin using Linux servers in lieu of Windows 2000 servers wherever the job is simple file serving. I'm already running Linux for DNS, NMS, web serving and timekeeping, but I want to start moving Linux out of the hidden infrastructure roles and into more obvious jobs. I have two reasons for wanting to do this; we can get more years of service out of our servers by using them to run Linux vs. Windows, and we can't afford new Windows server licenses. Oh, and getting more of our information onto a secure OS is a distinct plus.

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