netcurmudgeon (netcurmudgeon) wrote,

Wellfleet Day 5 - Entertained!

Click for larger imageEven though it's a windy, gray, rain-spitting, stay-in-the-cottage kind of day, the town of Wellfleet has graciously seen fit to provide us (well, me at least) with entertainment!

We had been wondering what was going on with the big pile of sand next to the town pier (and by big I mean 100-150 yards of sand). Well, now we know: beach replenishment. High tide washes right up to Kendrick avenue and the town is piling new sand along the road in order to keep it from getting undercut and to maintain the public beach.

There are a couple of public works guys running dump trucks back and forth from the pile at the pier, and a supervisor driving the payloader. How can I tell he's a supervisor? Easy. 1) His shirt has a collar. His minions have t-shirts. 2) He keeps getting calls on his Nextel and the on radio in the cab of the loader. Mere worker bees don't get that many questions. But, man, what a great job! Not only do you get to play in the sand at the beach, but you get to use heavy equipment, and you get paid to do it!
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