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Wellfleet Day 4

Hey, day four and no sunburn! Despite predictions to the contrary, I have not spontaneously combusted, either on the beech, on the town, or while out walking.

Click for larger imageWe took a five mile walk on the CCRT -- the Cape Cod Rail Trail. It's a many miles long biking/hiking trail that runs from Dennis to Wellfleet on the old right-of-way of the former Old Colony Railroad. We picked it up in south Wellfleet and hiked south for 2 1/2 miles into Eastham. We had a high overcast and a light breeze for much of the two hour out-and-back walk, which made it much more pleasant. When the sun finally burned through with a mile to go on our return leg it was instant sweat city.

After our walk we grabbed lunch at a little lunch/bakery place next to the Wellfleet post office and the general store. I think they have a good formula -- their lunch offerings were a mix of -- forgive me -- 'lady stuff' and things an average Joe would eat. I had their roast beef with caramelized onions and tomatoes on toasted sour dough bread. Mmm. Better than anything that's come out of a Quiznos or Subway. ashacat had broccoli & cheese pizza.

We did some quick post-lunch shopping at the general store and headed North on Rt. 6 through Wellfleet and into Truro. In Truro we stopped at an Amish quilt shop that my folks recommended we visit, and made our pilgrimage to the Atlantic Spice Company. There we picked up some mango tea and a "Steak & Barbecue" rub that I'm itching to try out when we get home.

From there we trundled back to Wellfleet, stopping at the town pier for ice cream, and then back to the cottage to look at the day's pictures and relax out of the sun.
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