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Wellfleet day 3

Click for larger imagePost luch. We took a ~3 mile walk west along Mayo beach, around the point and heading up the Herring river. It was a pretty hike -- ashacat took some good pictures.

Yesterday morning we trolled the Wellfleet flea market for a couple of hours, and then headed to Orleans to do some grocery shopping and grab lunch. At the flea market I did my usual trolling for people selling CDs. I picked up a bunch of things -- ranging from several Corrs CDs to Depeche Mode to a counterfiet of a bootleg of Tori Amos's live covers.

In the afternoon we took a stroll East on Mayo beech up to the town pier, and spent some time sitting on a rock just taking in the sea and the scene. After dinner we drove to the pier for ice cream and then walked all around the pier looking at the boats -- a mix of small and mid-sized pleasure boats, and larger working boats.

I'm pleased -- we've been here almost two days and I haven't gotten sunburned. :-) I have gotten some good pictures, and I had a good time trolling the flea market. In another half hour or so we're going to head off to the local general store to (among other things) see if they have some decent tea. All that Cumberland Farms had on Saturday was Lipton, and both of us forgot to look for something better at the Stop & Shop in Orleans yesterday. Better tea -- it's an imperative.



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Jun. 18th, 2007 09:00 pm (UTC)
What Corrs CDs did you manage to score? I think I have pretty much everything except some singles and rarities (and the new best-of).
Jun. 23rd, 2007 06:32 pm (UTC)
I picked up "Live in Dublin" and two CD singles -- "I never loved you anyway" and "So young" ... It's interesting looking at the cover photos from their earliest albums to their latest -- they transform from very 'wholesome' to very Hollywood!
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