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We have arrived! We got into Wellfleet just before four; stopped at Cape Cod Realty to pick up the keys; made the ritual stop at Cumberland Farms to pick up milk, OJ, and other cold stuff; and then made our way off of Route 6 onto Wellfleet Main St., to Commercial St., and finally to 275 Kendrick Avenue, Cottage number three. We got the car unpacked, did a little settling in, and then took a walk on the beach. The tide was out, the breeze was up, and the sun was warm. :-)

The cottage is a nice place. The owners have done some recent reovations (all ~12 units are well kept); new windows, overhauled bathroom, and a neat change in the main living room. They took out the ceiling and opened this space all the way up to the roof. Some (decorative) wooden beams help frame the space, and there's a ceiling fan up there. It really expands the feeling of this 20x24 cottage. The kitchen is not alas, as well stocked at the cottage we rented last year. In addition to the basic utensiles that one had some other simple things -- most importantly for a pair of tea drinkers they had sugar. We'll do a serious grocery shopping in Orleans tomorrow. For the moment we'll probably pilfer some sugar packets from the retaurant at dinner!
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