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Class is in session

I have a new guy in my shop. Well, not new per se, as he's been in the department for many year, but he got moved from Operations to my division last month and now I have to start getting him up to speed in networking. At least up to the level where he can handle configuring a stackable switch or an UPS, and has a basic grasp of the more complex things.

We started, as I always do, with the foundational structure you need for really grasping anything about networks. We started with the OSI Model. ...The mere mention of which was enough to drive one of engineers from the room. Everyone seems to hate talking about the OSI model but understanding it is vital to getting networks. Considering that pretty much every networking technology or protocol in use today can be mapped to the model, I'll say that knowing the OSI model is like grammar; almost no one wants to learn it, but everyone needs it.

Or 'class' went well. Though my inner sadist kept going for about 20 minutes after my new guy's eyes glazed over. Ah well. I told him that it gets better from here. The OSI Model talk is the only one that's all theory. We'll get into more concrete stuff -- and hands-on work in short order.
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