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I see interlocking octagons

I know how to find Carcossa. Just point your browser to Network Solutions and set to managing your domains. Oh. My. God. What a labyrinthine mess of a site. That noise you hear isn't the thousand mad flutists, it's just me gibbering in the corner.

This was my primary task for my work from home day. Sorting through the half dozen or so domains we have registered, getting the account access permissions cleared up and getting the WHOIS info right. (Hey majikshop how long ago did you leave for greener pastures?) It took hours. These are domains created over many years by many different people. The mess was deep. On the upside, I finally tackled user ID and account consolidation, and I setup a second role account so that all of these domains don't belong just to me.

It's better than it used to be. Really. The Bad Old Days of filling out that godawful text file, emailing it off to InterNIC and praying for a week are long gone. I got everything done I needed to do today. But, man, Network Solutions could really improve their management tools. And a little less shameless plugging of their services at every step would be good too.
Tags: domains, ia! ia!, network solutions

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