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Click for larger imageI happened to look over ashacat's shoulder while she was reading this week's Time: she was perusing their list of the 100 most influential people. She was on the page with their piece on Gary Kasparov -- whose life after chess has involved tackling Czar-in-intent Vladimir Putin and his anti-democratic ways. When I saw the illustration Time used, this question struck me: Just what are they trying to say about Kasparov?

Take a closer look at that image.

Click for larger imageYou'll see Kasparov represented with the chiseled features common of fascist art (see the 1937 representation of Il Duce at left). Note also that he's depicted wearing a brown coat. Not quite a brown shirt, but close. And last, take a look at the flags over his left shoulder. It's not the flag of the USSR and not the Nazi flag. It's the banner of the National Bolshevik Party. National Bolshevism is a bizarre admixture of Communism and Fascism with a nationalist veneer. While the National Bolshevik Party is a member of Kasparov's coalition, his organization has groups from far-left to far-right and all across the middle.

Just wondering, ya know.

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