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As days go...

This one has been pretty good. A pleasingly physical day. I spent the first hour of my day sorting out gear that arrived Tuesday and Wednesday for two new projects (Classical Magnet school, and VPN replacement). The second hour of my day was monkeying around with cubicle parts with Mark-my-unindicted-co-conspirator.[1] While we were slinging desk bits more gear showed up. Parts for Classical and a third project (a new core router for Police) came in a jumble of boxes: it took some time for two of us to correctly sort them into the proper piles. But, hey, it's a valid reason for an adult to be playing with stickers!

Lunch was our usual Thursday pilgrimage to Wings Over Hartford West. Mmmm, wingey goodness.

Post lunch I spent some time clearing old monitors out of the computer room and carting them to the pallets for the recycler. At two I headed off to the Sr. Staff meeting. And, as luck would have it, around two thirty, our front desk person came in looking for me: FedEx Freight was on the street with two skids of gear. One of my guys was off today, and the other two were out in the field, so I excused myself from the meeting, grabbed my gloves, and headed out to meet the trucker. Half an hour later the driver and I had rolled 2,300+ lbs. of replacement UPS batteries into the building.[2] I headed back upstairs and caught the tail end of the staff meeting.

And that, was pretty much that. Mark and I escaped into the afternoon blue sky and sunlight. Ahead lies tea with ashacat, then we go out to meet matociquala and taichigeek at Hall's Arrow for archery.

[1] We were expanding the desk space in a large cube that will soon have 1.2 contractors in it. We appear to be the only two people in the shop who have figured out how the cubicle parts work together, so we're the ones who get to do all the rearranging. Hey, metal parts, power tools, and an excuse to make a lot of noise in the office! Hoot.

[2] I really want to go back in time and find the architect who designed 250/260 Constitution Plaza and administer a giant dope slap. We have a perfectly wonderful three-bay loading dock. Except no trucks larger than a large UPS van can fit under the 11' 6" tall roll-up door. We have to specify that trucks come with a lift-gate and take everything off in the street. If the trucker is helpful (as the drivers from New Penn and FedEx Freight were this week) we can roll the pallets up the ramp into the parking garage and into the building through the side door to the dock. Which makes it doubly odd -- the architect put in a tall, 4' 6" wide door so that you could run a standard pallet through it, but made the overhead door too short for 90% of all heavy trucks. It must have been all the LSD.

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