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Changing things

If you were to interpret my recent lack of posting as my spending pretty much every available minute with ashacat, you'd be pretty close to the truth. Asha has been home for a little over two weeks now. I think we're pretty close to being caught up on each others' lives. During the first week she was back it seemed like every sentence that wasn't "would you like a cup of tea?" was conveying some news of either home or India that the other didn't know. :-)

During Asha's first week back we made a pilgrimage to Ikea in New Haven. Inspired by matociquala's new desk, I was on the prowl for something new for my half of our home office. I wound up with two work tables and new chair. After much cleaning, sorting, throwing out and setting up, everything is in and I'm liking it very much.

I realized, in talking about the office rearrangement with brianrogers that the previous setup was one I had had for over 21 years. It's been fundamentally unchanged since my junior year in high school, despite being broken down and moved to new locations twice. Talk about the land of steady habits. Yikes.

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Last weekend, I took the cleaning and rearranging mission down into the basement. I wanted to consolidate all of my PC pieces-parts on one floor of the house, and get all of my PC setup junk out of our spare room (so that we might actually have room for an overnight guest, should one ever alight on our doorstep). To the right of the stairs is a set of built-in shelves which we hadn't used much, and had mostly buried with things like a folding table, folding chairs, a cooler, a stack of window screens (you get the picture). One home-built workbench later and I now have all of my parts in one place, and room to work on things. Will wonders never cease? (The real wonder here is that it's taken me ten years to figure this out -- we've been in this house since '97!)
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