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Story time

A while back in an exchange of comments with half_elf_lost the subject of names and graveyards came up. I mentioned that I had a funny graveyard name story to tell, but didn't have the time to tell it then. Here it is.

When I was in college I worked at my parents' nursery (trees, not kids) during the summers and over winter break. One of our clients was Old Church Cemetery here in Glastonbury. In years past, the nursery had done all of the work at the cemetery, but by the late '80s the mowing and trimming was handled by another outfit. We, however, still handled the heavy maintenance, including opening and closing graves. An activity that had us in and out of the cemetery at least a couple of times a month.

The cemetery has a single driveway that comes up a little rise from Main St. and then descends down the back side of the hill toward the river. The upper part of the slope is the oldest part of the cemetery -- near where the old church used to stand, at the top of the hill.

Click for larger imageDriving up from the bottom you see this headstone on the right about 4/5 of the way up. It is the headstone of one SYLVESTER PULSIFER and his wife FREELOVE.

My sister and I would crack up every time we saw this stone. We'd roar with laughter about Sylvester Pulsifer and his wife Freelove!. This went on for years.

Then one fine evening at dinner, my mother the genealogist told us that we oughtn't laugh too loudly about Sylvester and Freelove. They're our great, great, great, great grandparents!

It's a big well-preserved stone. You can't miss it. I still snicker about Freelove.
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