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I was having a late lunch today with one of my fellow managers. We were at the Statehouse Square food court. The peak had passed, and by the time I'd inhaled my pizza the place was starting to thin out.

That's when I noticed the 50-ish besuited man at the end of the next row of tables. He had gray hair and a lined face heading toward 'jowley'. He was picking at his lunch and reading a book. All unremarkable stuff, until I saw him set his Styrofoam soda cup on the chair next to him and pop the lid off. Also in the chair was his leather brief bag. From the bag his slipped a pint of Popov Vodka. A glug of vodka went into the cup. The pint went back into his bag. He put the cup back on the table and resumed sipping while he read.

I could only think, man, you must have the mother of all suck jobs.
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