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This and that...

ashacat is due to return in five days. The counter says 116:34:04 at this moment, which means that at 2:05 tomorrow afternoon there will be fewer than 100 hours to go. No, I'm not anticipating this at all. :-)

At work, we have a reorg coming upon us. Timing still appears to be TBD, but it seems fairly certain that the voice group will be joining the network group in the basement. To ease their plight, I have finally done something I have been thinking about doing ever since I moved down to the basement four years ago: the MHIS web cam. This cam doesn't show any of us, or anything that we're doing. It shows the outside world. Specifically, the world on Market Street outside of 260 Constitution Plaza. Behold:

The image on the cam site auto-refreshes every 30 seconds. I have a Panasonic BL-C10A IP camera sitting in one of the upstairs windows. Twice a minute it FTPs an image to the web server. The rest is HTML, a meta tag in the <head> section: <meta http-equiv=Refresh content=30;URL=/index.html>
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