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Hardware exchange...

This evening I was at my in-laws' migrating my father in-law over onto his new PC. As these things go, it went pretty well. I forgot to pull his Firefox profile into off of the old box prior to tearing it down, but that's easy to fix. Everyone liked the spiffy new 19" flat panel display. He liked the Dell compact keyboard (which I hated). Go figure.

His old PC is here now, running a backup. Sometime in the next few days I'll pull his favorites out of Firefox, then it gets the hose. My mother in-law's PC is an old Dell PIII 600; she'll get this 1.x GHz P4 once I've wiped it out and laid down a fresh OS install. In the end, I'll get that PIII back to use as an experiment platform. Ah the joys of the PC domino game!

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