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'Tis the season...

E-Rate season is upon us. Applications are due in on the 18th, which means that we have to have our part done by the end of the week to hand over to the consultant for her crew to do their part. Due to the blessed intermingling of planet-sized egos in Washington, we (and many other municipalities) still don't know whether we'll get our funding for the current fiscal year. You know, the one that's 7/12 over already.

So, I will be spending tomorrow pulling together all of the pieces for PLAN A. Plan A is to resubmit for everything we asked for this year. We don't know if we're going to get funded this year (even though all signs are good), so we can't risk not applying for the same things again.

Of course, wave 14 of funding will be released on Monday. With luck, we'll be in wave 14, and will be singing choruses of we're in the money and roll out the barrel. And, we'll be frantically throwing out about 40% of our applications and submitting PLAN B. Or, we could not be in wave 14 and we get to wait another two weeks for wave 15 to come out.

This program is so easy to navigate. Sometimes I think that's part of the Feds' plan.


In other money maters, we have not yet heard from the State Department of Education (SDE) on the grant application that we submitted in late December. However, unlike the E-Rate administrators, the SDE staff is putting some effort into letting the towns know where things are. The latest word: they have made their award decisions and shipped them off to SDE's legal staff to be reviewed for fairness and 'propriety'. We should receive notification letters next week or the week after.

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