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You can file this one under either "huh" or "sometimes the latest and greatest isn't". SBC came out around 9:45 on Thursday, thankfully in the first half of the four-hour window they had given. The tech brought a replacement SpeedStream modem of the same type as the original SpeedStream that SBC had shipped me. He tested the line with a hand-held line tester; all came up clean. We put the new SpeedStream on, I configured it for bridge mode per NetPlex's instructions and *whammo* -- the same problem as the original SpeedStream: lots of halting and dropping packets going upstream. So, we put NetPlex's test modem back on the line, and it ran clean again.

After some jawing about what to do next, the tech offered that he had an older model of SpeedStream modem on his truck -- he'd removed it from a customer last week after upgrading them to the newer model. He trotted out to his truck and got the modem. We slapped it on the line and ... *zoom* worked like a champ. Same clean operation and solid performance as NetPlex's test modem. Odd. Sometimes an older piece of equipment is the thing. Of course, this older model is discontinued, so I'd better pray that it doesn't break any time soon!

With the line problems resolved I've started migrating all of my sites over to the new servers. HouseofHum, AVSrinivasn, ElizabethBear, BackBench, GPIP, GlastonburyRiverfront and PeriplusBooks are all moved. The next step will be getting the DNS servers on these two boxes squared away so I can start migrating zones onto them.

Ah, the joy of do it yourself projects!

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