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Unpacking, sorting out....

A couple of side-notes from the trip.

click for larger imageWhen you arrive at the Bangalore airport for your flight, the first thing you go through is screening of the bag(s) your are going to check. After your bag goes through the x-ray machine (manned by a trio of grim looking armed airport police) someone offers to "security wrap" your bag. For the princely sum of RS 150 ($3.41) your bag gets mummified in shrink-wrap. Since you can no longer lock your bag, this is really a good deal. It's pilfer-proof, and the shrink-wrap absorbs a lot of the wear-and-tear that the baggage handlers deal out.

I was wondering if I was going to gain or loose wieght in India. I appears that I have lost five pounds. Which, means that I need to really look at my diet here. Fast-food/fried food should probably be #1 on my hit-list. Also, while I was in India I drank a lot of water. My liquid consumption was pretty much water and tea, with only a few fizzy beverages (say, four or five) in two weeks (and they were small -- 200ml, not the 20oz monsters you get here).
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