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India: Day 10

We spent the balance of yesterday touring around Bangalore with Asha’s cousin Sudhi.

After a lazy start to the day, we wound up at the café at the Rangashankara theater, where we did that cool cosmopolitan thing – hanging around sipping tea, talking, and ultimately having a fine (if bloody hot) lunch. Around one, Sudhi appeared and off we went.

Sudhi took us through the “government” part of town – past the state capital and other legislative buildings. There are rather a lot of military schools in Bangalore (Air Force college, Military Police Academy, Army college).

Next, we paid a visit to his sister Sheela. Sheela’s house is verra nice. I summed up my reaction to Asha this way: “As the poor cousin from the sticks, I am duly impressed.”

From Sheela’s house Sudhi took us downtown where we met one of his friends and business partners, Anil. Anil runs a large-scale IT employment service out of a shoe-box of an office crammed with six or so assistants and a pile of PCs and phones. By “large-scale” I mean they’re only interested in placement contracts for dozens to hundreds of people.

Sudhi dropped us back at the Rangashankara and went off to get some work done on his car. Asha hijacked the café’s grill to make us both grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.

An hour or so later Sudhi returned and we headed off to the local instance of Corner House – Bangalore’s indigenous chain of ice cream parlors. Mmmmm, brownie sundae. ‘Nuff said.

A short walk from Corner House brought us to a night vegetable market … pictures RSN.

From there, home, tea, and a grateful meeting with our pillows.
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