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India: D +2

ashacat and I spent yesterday lazing around her cousin Sudhi's house; there was a lot of talking and a lot of napping! In the evening she took me on a short walk around Sudhi's neighborhood -- to the corner store and back.

Today we headed over to the cafe that Sudhi's wife Anju runs; Sudhi drove us over in the late morning. Bangalore traffic is continuous, super heavey, but not all that fast (25-40 mph). Rules? There seem to be some unspoken ones, but it certainly has the appearance of a free-for-all. I'm very glad that I'm not driving anywhere myself.

The cafe is roofed-over, but open air, and attached to a theater. We'll be seeing a play there tonight. An adaptation of The Glass Menagerie. Film at 11.

At the moment, Asha and I are in a cyber cafe that she frequents a couple of blocks from the cafe/theater. The contrasts are starling. Here is this perfectly modern cyber-cafe; at Sudhi's place he has cable broad-band; and in-between? Everything from dirt roads to asphalt, Mercedes SUVs to bullock carts. And yes, I have seen the requisite cows on the road.

Tomorrow we'll start visiting relatives. Friday we're going to take a train to Mysore.

I don't have access to my syrinx.org account while I'm here; if you need to send something to me, you can send it to seshipma@gmail.com.


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Jan. 31st, 2007 11:46 am (UTC)
Glad you're there safe and sound. Naps are good to shake off the world you left and wake up to the new one. Enjoy the exploring - it's great that you are doing this together.
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