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India: D+1

I made it!

I got into Bangalore on time last night (12:35 AM IST Tuesday / 2:05 PM EST Monday). The flight was damn long. I think my turkey timer popped somewhere over Turkey, or perhaps the Black Sea. I now know of an airport I will not be using again if possible -- Charles DeGaulle in Paris was a Mongolian Cluster Fsck; busses, more busses, and then huge lines for scurity. I made the flight by a whisker.

My first impression of Bangalore was from the air ... it's not as brightly lit as a US city at night, but my lord is it BIG. Picture Las Vegas or the greater Chicago area for scale. For you Nutmeggers, that would be wall-to-wall city from Avon to Manchester, Granby to Meriden.

I made it through Immigration, baggage claim, and Customs fine -- in what Asha says was record time. Apparently there are usually four international flights arriving at roughly the same time. Two were delayed, and one came in early, so there were just the ~300 of us on my flight and not 1,200 people milling about. The crush of taxi and hired car drivers all holding up signs at the airport exit was ... impressively large, even to my travel-addled brain.

Seeing ashacat again was ... better than I can describe with mere words.

Today dawned clear, sunny, and cool. It's warming up (probably ~80° in the sun), with a light breeze.

Asha was delighted with the "cargo", especially my surprise -- Scrabble!

More later...
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