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India: D -2

I walked around the office near the end of the day today, saying my good-byes. I had this big stupid grin on my face -- for the first time this trip felt good. All of the jitters, all of the fear, all of the junk fell away.

Tonight, after dinner with my in-laws, I started packing in earnest. It all fits, and it all comes in under 50 lbs. So, I can make the trip with one checked bag. Even my backpack, with four books, a change of clothes, all my meds and other junk isn't particularly heavy.

I have a few more things to pick up. I will probably be hitting the maul first thing tomorrow. Hopefully I can just knock out all of my shopping in one go and be done with it.

I confirmed my flights last night per the travel agent's "call 72 hours in advance" instructions. Everything is still good. The weather for Sunday looks fine here; Monday's weather in Paris looks good too. Bangalore should be touching 80°F the day I arrive. Considering tonight's low is forecast to be 3° that should make for some nice climactic whiplash.
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