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Oh the tangled webs we weave

...when first we practice to transcieve!

I noticed an errant fax sitting by the fax machine this morning. Someone at one Judicial Marshals office had mis-dialed the fax number of someone at a different Judicial Marshals office et viola, a bunch of mandated training notifications arrived here. I took a look at them in figuring out who to call to let them know that their fax had gone astray... The curriculum for this four-day training is pretty interesting:

Day 1: Exposure Control; Penal Code; and Suicide Prevention
Day 2: CPR and AED
Day 3: Management of Aggressive Behavior
Day 4: Baton and Epipen & Asthma Inhaler

...It's Day 4 really. First we'll beat you down, and then we'll fix you up!

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