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New laptop

The laptop arrived late Thursday afternoon. XP Pro -- even though I did determine how to quell two really obnoxious "features" -- has not survived. I'm 95% done rebuilding the box with Win2k and all of my usual junk. It's very fast -- most of which I'm attributing to the 7200 RPM hard drive and not the "Intel Core 2 Duo" processor.

There is one glitch, which is that it won't play DVDs properly. Under both XP and Win2k, with Dell's provided DVD player, WinDVD4, and MS MediaPlayer 11, playback degrades after about 15 minutes of play and the player (whichever one it is) either freezes or throws an error and dies. I need to dig deeper on this. The drive, a Sony CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive, is evidently so new that there are not firmware updates or driver updates for it. I'll probably swap it with the drive from my work laptop just to verify that it's not the laptop.

So, we shall see...
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