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India D -8: lists, lists, lists...

Preparation for going to India continues apace. The pile of things to take to ashacat continues to grow with additions by her mom. However, I sent her an inventory last night and she's nixed a few things that were on the list. (Yay!) Below is an accounting of things done and to-be-done in the next week.

Long-Range Prep Completed Previously
• Secure entry visa for India
• Get leave OK'd
• Book tickets
• Arrange cat-sitting
• Vaccinations
• Trial-run of anti-Malaria drug (no side-effects = good-to-go)

Errands/Tasks Completed in the Last 24 Hours
• Barber shop
• Drop off shirts at cleaners
• Dump run (finally!)
• Water Mom's greenhouse

Things Left To-Do
• Clean house
• Laundry
• Sort through supplies for Asha
• Mail package to Calgary
• Pay bills
• Renew
• Pick up light timers at hardware store
• Meds, meds, and more meds
• Arrange for driveway plowing
• Invites for Saturday soiree
• Pick up shirts from cleaners (Wed)
• Packing
• Confirm with airline (Thu)
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