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That's that

My laptop has died. I was hoping, based on the symptoms, that it was a memory problem that I could resolve by replacing one of the two memory cards. No such luck. At this point I believe that there's a problem with the system board -- probably due to all of the bumps and shocks of being a 'field laptop' for the first couple years of its life. The machine is just shy of 4 years old, and 10 months out of warranty. So, it's replacement time.

I priced out a new Dell Latitude D550, and was pleasantly surprised by the price (less than the one that just croaked). I didn’t go for the fastest processor, but I did put in some bells and whistles. To-wit: a larger main battery for about 50% more run time, a speedier hard disk (7200 RPM vs. 5400 RPM), and faster main memory (and a lot of it, though not nearly the two gigabytes Dell recommends for people planning on running Vista).

Hopefully the new laptop will arrive before I leave for India. If not, I’ll have something to distract me once I get back. Though, as I observed to matociquala, a new laptop, no mater how sexy, is not an adequate replacement for my sweetie.
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