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DSL Part Deux

I spent a couple of hours on Saturday clearing a corner in my sister's basement, rerouting a phone line, and lugging alpha, beta, and all of their attendant gear from our house to hers. The DSL modem came up immediately, the servers got DHCP addresses ... and promptly went nowhere. Much poking, testing, and cursing later I concluded that the problem was the ISP's and not mine. I fired off an email to their tech support and waited.

Tuesday morning I got a reply, mostly confirming what I had suspected (the service was setup for PPPoE) and giving instructions on how to change the appropriate setting in the modem. Which I did Tuesday afternoon after work, only to discover that the line's dropping packets like a sieve when I try to push traffic over it. *Bah!*

I sent a second email off to the ISP this morning and got back a response with instructions on upgrading the DSL modem's firmware. Which I did this afternoon. To no avail. If anything, I think the problem may be a little worse.

New circuit installs can be a royal pain in the ass. I have had any number of T1 or 56K circuit turn-ups turn into circuses. Hell, it took SBC a month to get one of the two T1s going to Classical Magnet to fly right (ultimate culprit: a bad backplane in a piece of equipment in SBC's Hartford CO). I really, really, don't want to go through a bad turn-up on a circuit that's in someone else's house. The saga is not helped by the fact that I have a cold that's currently kicking my sorry ass.

My third email to the ISP went out too late to get a response today. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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