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Any day in the field... a day in the office

Today was the second day of installing wireless gear at Nalyor school. My crew spent the whole day there, along with our cabling contractor (pulling in some additional needed drops). Naylor has just finished a major renovation and expansion. The new part of the building is nothing special (modern institutional blah), but the old part was renovated with great care. The new floors have a great retro look, which is complemented by the very retro pendant lamps. The woodwork positively glows. It's a neat old building. And now, it's got enough WiFi to sterilize passing birds!
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A finished AP installation in the ceiling.
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A pair of APs in a hallway (to the right of the hanging lights). Innocuous, just the way they should be.
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One of my engineers prepping an AP to be mounted in a ceiling tile. About half of the unit is either above the ceiling, or concealed by the bezel below.
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This work generates heaps of cardboard and other junk.
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Space above the ceiling is very tight -- this was the better side of the hallway!
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A finished installation -- the bracket and wire are there to keep the unit from falling if there is ever a water leak above the ceiling. (It happens. Water will from a broken pipe will pool above the tiles until they saturate, turn to mush, and then start falling.)
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On of Naylor's other fine features. The atrium between the old and new buildings is three stories; it was originally open on the 2nd floor. That lasted barely three weeks into the school year when a 5th grade special ed student bounded up these stairs and leaped up onto the ledge...
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...His teacher grabbed him before anything bad could happen. Within days the blue mesh went up, closing off the 2nd floor openings to the atrium. Eventually it will get glassed-in like the 3rd floor. What amazes me is that every body that reviewed these plans OK'd the original design.
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