netcurmudgeon (netcurmudgeon) wrote,

Fates of things

I guess I would have to call my attempt to switch my personal PC over to Ubuntu a failure. Ultimately what did it in was me. At this point right now, I just want to sit down and do my work with it. I want Photoshop, and PageMaker, and Office 97, and Nero, and WinAmp. Yeah, the OS worked and it supported all of the hardware, but I'm not in the mood to learn everything all over again from scratch. So, it's back to Windows 2000 Pro. Who knows, I may just get a Mac when Microsoft drops support for Win2k.

Another system is finding its way back to Win2k. A couple of months ago I had installed XP on my work laptop so that I could then install Microsoft's virtual server. It was plugging along mostly alright until Wednesday of last week when networking just collapsed. I mean, done, kaput. IP interface? What IP interface? My attempts to fix it were futile. So, given that I had only installed XP on it so that I could test out Linux on a virtual server (and was done with it), I blew it away this evening. It's now restarting after the SP4 install. Next up, upgrading IE, Windows Installer, and BITS. Then the Windows Update death march.

...Oh yeah, and making my account an Administrator. Doh!

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