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It has been a good couple of days

Friday I hosted a boondoggle for kriz1818 and her husband. They came into Hartford at noon, we had lunch together, and then I took them on the hidden places of City Hall tour. Hartford city hall is this wonderful 1914 building -- truly a beautiful structure -- with a ton of history crammed into it, and some wonderful concealed architecture. We went through some of the basement vaults, and up into the space above the atrium's vaulted glass ceiling. The most fun was watching these two geohistorians' eyes bug out as I opened the attic store rooms: maps, maps, and more maps. Many useful today, many thought to have been lost long ago. It was a rare treat. Give me a building master key and I will find ways to use it! :-)

Today started with the mundane stuff -- a trip to the dump, to the bank, to the vet (cat food), and the grocery store. I took an early lunch, and was heading out to get the shed uncovered when ashacat called from Delhi. We talked for twenty minutes or so. She's having a great time, and it was really good to hear from her.

After getting the tarp pulled back from the shed roof work area, I started cutting replacement rafters. At one evynrude and matociquala joined me. We took a brief excursion into Cotton Hollow to take some pictures of e-bear for one of her publishers. Then we got to work on setting rafters. Things went a lot faster with two extra sets of hands. We got another eight linear feet of roof reconstructed, doubling what I had done before. Afterwards they spent some time picking out tunes on their guitars -- tres amusant. Dinner was takeout from Ambassador -- our favorite Indian restaurant. We spent the rest of the evening talking about all sorts of things.

And now, here I am recounting two of the best days I've had in a very long time. Actually, the good things seemed to start Thursday night. I recall saying to e-bear and taichigeek over dinner after archery "I don't quite feel normal, but I can see normal from here". A big chunk of stress has lifted from me now that I have my part of round one of E-Rate paperwork done, and Asha has gotten safely off to India. The fellowship of friends is a wonderful thing.

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