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Much Linux geeking today. I'm taking Christmas week to move all of the stuff I have running on HP UNIX servers over to Dell servers running Linux. I have four boxes to deal with. NS1 (a DNS server) is done. LISTS is 95% done (I have to install Majordomo. And I am perhaps 75% done with HM-LIN-NMS02 (a.k.a. wingman). This one is a network management box; it's replacing HP_NMS02. The last one will be the replacement for HP_NMS01. And that will not be simple. HP_NMS01 is the first UNIX box I setup back in '99 when I started in Hartford, and it has accumulated all sorts of jobs.

The reason for the swap is that I'm the only person in the shop who has a clue about HP hardware, and all of our other servers are Dells. With these functions moved over to Linux on Dell hardware, even if I get hit by a truck, my coworkers will have a fighting chance of figuring out what they do.

So, it's been a distinct pleasure to ignore the phone (which isn't ringing much anyway, due to the Christmas break), refuse all meeting requests, and just get some serious geeking in!

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