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A fine time for the Wendigo

The comments on Bear's post got me thinking about the Wendigo, and I tracked down the Algernon Blackwood Wendigo story on After some cleanup and reformatting (namely, sticking into two-column 10pt Times) I started reading it. Arranged this way, it's 24 pages. I got about 8 pages in before ashacat called me to dinner.

After dinner I started over, and had the singular pleasure of reading it aloud to Asha. Blackwood's prose is generally easy to read aloud -- though there are some deeply convoluted passages. It took about 90 minutes to cover the 24 pages. I must say that's one damn fine Wendigo story. I think that my favorite line is "The silence of the vast listening forest stole forward and enveloped them."

Reading aloud: highly recommended.

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