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No shortage of bad news

One of Hartford's cops was killed in a severe traffic accident on I91 in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Officer Arace was driving home from work and failed to react in time when the 18-wheeler in front of him stopped short due to construction. By all accounts he was a good cop; a community service officer who was trying very hard to make a difference. HPD released this today:
(Hartford) - Police Chief Daryl K. Roberts announced today that he had promoted Hartford Police Officer Matthew Arace, who died suddenly as a result a injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident on Saturday, October 21, 2006, to the rank of Sergeant, effective Sunday, October 22, 2006. In announcing Sergeant Arace's promotion, Chief Roberts said, "It was my intention to promote Sergeant Arace within the next few weeks. Sergeant Arace earned this promotion and it is with profound sorrow but great respect and honor that I promote him posthumously..."

This kind of stuff just breaks your heart.

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