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Burned again

Phooey. This appears to be the second time that I have been bitten by a big box store taping up a box with a (presumably) returned defective part and putting it back on the shelf for sale. The first was a PC power supply from CompUSA last spring, the second is a fluorescent fixture from Home Despot today. There's nothing like stepping back from the fixture you've just wired up in the cramped little space above the kitchen sink, wiping the sweat from your brow, flipping the switch and getting ... nothing. OK, not quite nothing. There was that dim little flicker you get from a bad ballast. Shit.

I really, really need to start being more careful about examining cartons to make sure that they haven't been opened before. If I'll spend time inspecting a six dollar board for badly-placed knots, cracks, and bad corners, you'd think I would automatically look over the box for a ten dollar light fixture.

You know, it may not even be the stores' fault. Some witless knob may have simply returned the bad parts without ever saying "I think they're bad". Or, some wanker behind the returns counter decided it was less hassle for them to just tape the box up and send it back for restocking. Once, it was fie on them. We have now arrived at fie on me.

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