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Volume matters

We live in a modest little house. There's perhaps 400 square feet on the first floor (about 800 upstairs). I think that it's fair to say that my stereo -- bought in the late '80s when I was living at home -- is grossly overpowered for the space. Most of the time this power is untapped; I rarely turn it up above 10 or 12 on the 0 - 40 scale. Today we're up around 20. Asha is off shopping, I have the place to myself, and the order of the hour is loud.

It's an eclectic playlist of loud -- Alphaville Control, Madonna Die Another Day, Kenny Loggins Danger Zone, Phillip Glass Koyannisquatsi. I know that modern speakers pack a lot of wallop into very small sizes, but there is something pleasing about watching 14" woofers move.

I was just standing just a little back from the stereophonic center of the room with a plastic water bottle in my hand -- it was vibrating. Yes! Sound that's alive, sound you can feel.

Happy Tuesday!
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