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In at the buzzer...

The grant that has been eating my life for the past 72 hours went in today. It had to be in the grants office at the State Department of Education by 4:00 PM: they clocked me in a 3:41. If we get this money, the list of people I’m taking out for a thank-you dinner now has a good half-dozen people on it.

The final number was a smidge over $117,000 — money to buy new firewalls and run fiber to a new school. The grant is competitive; we're competing with every other school district in the state (and regional entities and charter schools) for only $4,200,000 . The grant has a cap of $150K per application — if everyone put in for the max, the State only has enough money for 28 awards. So, cross your fingers. Getting this money would be a huge boost. Fiscally, we can't afford these things without it, and spiritually it would feel like for the first time in a very long time, something had broken our way.

Hopefully we'll know in a couple of weeks. I'll post updates when we hear.


Happy 1st day of Winter everyone! I am thrilled to report that, here in Connecticut, daylight tomorrow will be 3 seconds longer!

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