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Virtual Mondays suck

I have long thought that Mondays, if denied their due by a Monday holiday, will collect on Tuesday in spades. We were off yesterday in observance of Columbus Day. (A silly holiday, but who am I to turn down a paid day off?) Which of course meant that when we came in this morning, we had three sites and various stages of downage.

Adult Education North apparently had a strand go bad in the underground fiber-optic cable that feeds the site. That was one of the pair of optical strands that the gigabit line for IP voice service was running on. Pat and Kevin fixed this by shifting to new strands.

Sport and Medical Science Academy was completely down. Pat got on site, did some checking, and then asked me to do a remote reset on the gig port at Fire HQ that feeds the site. The remote reset cleared the problem.

The interdistrict Magnet Montessori School at The Learning Corridor was half-down; something had taken down the IDF. Pat got that running just before lunch, though I never did find out what the problem was.

Kevin attended several other routine minor troubles (a dead switch here, a bad UPS battery there). The network has on the order of 3,000+ parts. On any given day something is going to be broken. Today Monday denied is Monday enraged seemed to be extracting its pound of flesh.

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