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Sunday end state

Well, this has left me feeling a bit unclean. I finally finished loading software on my work laptop, finishing with MS Virtual Server. I created a virtual server instance and installed Linux on it (Slackware 10). It's really odd running a Linux install in a window on an XP box ... creating a bootable system that works, yet only exists as a 'container file' on the laptop's hard drive. Wow. Interesting, and creepy.

Now, virtualization has been around for a long time. webwyrm was running Virtual PC on her Mac back in '99, and virtual machines have been around on mainframes since I was a kid. The City's IBM mainframe ran VM with two VSE "guests" -- complete production and test systems that lived as virtual mainframes within VM on the one real S/390. But this is just unholy. Linux running as a virtual server on Windows. Eewww!

And the worst thing is that, if my testing with Squid works out, we'll be doing this on real server hardware in production.

In other news, I did a bunch of updating on the GPIP site. I put out a plea for project page updates at last month's board meeting. Six came in today. The October board meeting is tomorrow. Imagine that. ;-)

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