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They were vacation days

But they sure weren't idle days

My plans for a week off having been scotched by E-Rate and Municipal WiFi, I did manage to take yesterday and today off.

Yesterday I spent on the phone with work, getting some chores out of the way (a big dump run, mowing the lawn), and then took some time in the afternoon to have lunch with my folks and get whumped at Scrabble by my mother.

Today started with two hours of hammering out a document for work, then spending the balance of the day with matociquala demolishing and carting away the rotten rafters from our shed. Alas, this was one of those jobs where the more we took apart, the more we realized needed to be taken apart. The bottom line is that there is more demo to be done to get at a rotten sill, and a partially rotted wall. A highlight of the afternoon was discussing whether the damage for a sledge hammer should really be at least 2d4, 'cuase 1d6 just wasn't enough. We finished up by setting new (temporary) rafters. ashacat helped me get the big blue tarp put back on and secured in the deepening darkness after dinner. Phooey.

It is a wonderful thing to be in the company of strong, handy women. :-)

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