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I volunteer for the power tools

I came, I mowed, I was not flattened by a speeding SUV. Though, someone did run over one of my cones.

...The volunteer that has been mowing the large grass area on the North median at Rt. 17 & Main appears to have gone missing. I've been noticing that the grass has been getting longer and longer. But in the slipstream rush of time I hadn't quite realized that it had been a month. I told the medians project chair at Monday's trustees' meeting that if the missing man hadn't mowed by Saturday I would take care of it.

So, there I was this afternoon at three lining out cones. You don't appreciate how long the North island is until you try to set a cone pattern around it. Even with a 15 yard spacing, I could have used a few more. Any way, mowing was accomplished with my dad's 48" commercial walk-behind. (It is insanely handy that his shop is, literally, on one corner of this intersection.) The fun part was trying to obey the contradictory rules: do not shoot grass clippings into the planting beds, and do not shoot grass clippings all over the road. I managed to not hose the beds too badly and I managed to keep the clippings from going too far into the road (I made couple of passes on the pavement blowing clippings back onto the grass).

I need to keep a closer eye on the grass for the rest of the season. It'll be much easier to mow it it's not eight to ten inches high!
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