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The appliance repair man came this afternoon (on time, even) and had a look at our ailing refrigerator. He diagnosed a bad thermostat, which is good news. A replacement shouldn't be particularly expensive, and it should be an easily obtained part. He got the fridge running again (and showed me where to whack it if it cuts out again). We're going to watch it for the next day or so before we put anything perishable back in it. Next up is telling Sears to piss off, and we want our service contract money back.

The morning was taken up with meetings.

First with our Nortel account team, who were bearing a formal apology for the havoc we endured in the last couple of weeks integrating their [previously only deployed by telecom carriers on custom-built networks] wireless mesh product integrated into our network. They're good people, backed up by many more good people within their company. It's never fun to be on the bleeding edge of a product, but someone has to be first. :-)

Second was a meeting a the Parking Authority. Thirty minutes after the meeting started, I left upon determining that the person who had asked me to come did so based on being told by someone else that they needed to talk to me at some point about getting a couple of static IP addresses assigned. They did not need me to sit in on a multi-hour parking garage security systems planning meeting with a dozen other people. I told them to send me an email two weeks before they needed the IPs and walked out of the room.

I'm glad I didn't delegate one of my engineers to go to that second meeting. They would have felt obligated to stay, while as "management" I could exercise prerogative and just leave.

Speculation and rumor-mongering about the new CIO continues to swirl unabated. It will probably only get worse until the Mayor makes his formal announcement some time next week.

Oh, and after two good starting ends at the archery range, the suck monkey found me and climbered right up on my back. The rest of the evening was an exercise in futility. About half my shots were OK, the other half awful, and none of them went where I wanted them to go. At least I didn't miss the target entirely and stick any arrows into the back wall. matociquala did, but she's breaking in a new bow and release, so a few wild shots are not unexpected.

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