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That was very nice.

I have been birthdayed most thoroughly. I slept in yesterday morning, read for a while, putzed around town running some moderately pleasant errands, read some more, then headed up the hill for a birthday lunch with my folks. BLTs with home-grown tomatoes. Followed by made-from-scratch birthday cake. And after that, a game of Scrabble with my mom. After trailing badly for the first 2/3 of the game, I managed to pull ahead and win in the end. Dinner followed with ashacat's family. Another fine meal, with an ice cream cake to finish it. That cake bore only one candle, and my asthmatic lungs had no problem dispatching it. I am happy that the universe decided to give me a second crack at my birthday wish. Of course, by the evening I had simplified it down to one word, and that may have helped my focus. :-)

And again, sincere thank-yous to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. It really put a smile on my face all day long.

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