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Today's fun came in two flavors...

the ice cream came in three.

This morning's fun came in continuing to play resurectionist on two old PCs that thechoughlin left with me some time ago. The older of the two is a Pentium 166MMX ... which now has 128MB of RAM, a 4GB disk, a new CD-ROM drive, and all-PCI innards. It's so old that I had to load NT4 Dorkstation first (using the three starter diskettes) and then do an in-place upgrade to Win2k. It definitely trundles (vs. say, running or sprinting), but as a basic I need to write a letter kind of PC, it's fine. The newer PC, I was pleased to discover, is a Celeron 600MHz. It's still an eMachine, which is a taint it will never escape, but with 512MB of RAM, a new 3.5" floppy, and a clean load of Win2k it will serve thechoughlin and her SO just fine.

The afternoon's fun was a birthday party for me, organized by ashacat. thechoughlin was there along with taichigeek, majikshop, and brianrogers with Rachel and their darling daughter (a truly cute and very well tempered four month-old). We had pizza, then make-your-own brownie sundaes. Much food was consumed, and much happy talking transpired. Yay! I am a happy man with a wonderful wife.

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