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Lessons (re)learned

Some time ago I realized that it saved a lot of aggravation if I took two minutes, broke out our fiber test kit, and tested the fiber-optic patch cables I was planning to use. I was in a hurry this afternoon, as I had to run two cobbled-together 90' fiber runs under the computer room floor to distant racks, and did not test any of the six 30' fiber jumpers that would constitute said pair of 90' runs. Nor did I wait for the links to come up clean before I closed up the floor. So, of course, one side of one of the cables had to be bad.

When I finally did break out the fiber tester and test each part of the run I found that one fiber strand in one cable was eating 30 dB of signal ... about 20 dB more loss than the equipment will put up with. The only good part of this scenario is that a bad fiber cable makes a fine pull-string for pulling in the replacement cable.

Oh, and I crashed all the phones in the building for fifteen minutes 'cause I'm an idiot. That is, I miscounted slots on the main switch and instead of configuring two idle gigabit ports for the subnet I needed, I configured the two gig ports on the next card over -- which happened to be feeding the two satellite closets in the building and all of their phones. Oops.

As my grandmothers would both say, "haste makes waste." Which explains my getting home an hour and a half late.

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