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Ahh, Friday.

The class wrapped up at one this afternoon. By collective motion we opted to punt the last lab (configuring multicast) and blow out of there early.

Overall, I would have to rate this a "C". I did walk out with a collection of notes about things to look into / change in how the how the network is configured. However, it seemed like we spent way too much time listening to George (the instructor) wander off on some tangent or relating some anecdote, and he spent all of the time that he should have spent managing the labs yakking with the guy from Mexico (who also happened to be tied with the guy from South Carolina for least competent student in the class, meaning that much time was wasted on labs waiting for these two to catch up with the rest of us). The net result was that we skipped a lot of material. I also found our mid-fifties instructor to be a kind of shocking throwback to the seventies -- blatantly sexist and maybe a little bit racist too.

Going on around the time spent in class was a great kerfluffle with Nortel over the nitty-gritty details of implementing their equipment for the City-wide WiFi project. I'll have something more to say about it when I'm more coherent, but will summarize the situation by saying that someone within Nortel gave out bad information that created the appearance of a technical problem so bad that it put Nortel's selection as equipment vendor in jeopardy. Much research by the local Nortel team, a pile of conference calls, and a mountain of emails has gotten things straightened out.

After my experiences tangling with greater-Boston traffic and Massachusetts drivers, I was very happy to find my self on the Mass Pike heading west. The Nutmeg State never looked so good!

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