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My goodness but that was a long poke.

After class today I drove East to Worcester to meet up with thecoughlin for dinner and a peek at the house she's buying. In planning this jaunt she'd suggested that I delay heading out until six PM to let the peak of rush hour pass, which I did. Oh. My. God. I don't know how these people commute on these roads every day. It took 90 minutes to make a 40 mile trip. The first 50 minutes of that just to do the first twelve miles (on I95 south from Burlington to the Mass Pike). The return trip took 55 minutes. There was at least ten minutes spent there in stop-and-go traffic due to night paving on the Pike.

thecoughlin and I did get to spend a happy two and a half hours bombing around through Worcester and farther west, grabbing dinner at a Friendlys in I-don't-know-where and taking a peek at her soon-to-be new house in the dimness. It was nice to be with an old friend, and nice to spend the time talking and talking about all sorts of things, very few of them work-related.

Oh, and the class ... today was all OSPF all day long. I learned a lot, but not as much as I could have. The instructor was Doctor Distraction today. Any stray comment got him off on a tangent. I mean, the life stories were interesting, but at roughly a hundred bucks an hour each for Pat and me to sit in those chairs I wanted more routing protocols and less happy reminiscences about life as an undergrad at Purdue University. Knameen? My attitude about what you should get out of a training class has gotten a lot more focused now that the money is coming out of my budget.

And now, I must take myself off to bed.

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