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Dec. 4th, 2004

Ok, I can't claim this one. It belongs to Asha, who in addition to being a graduate student in Anthropology is also one of her department's part-time PC techs. (Yes, I am slowly winning her over to the dark side. No, not that dark side — tech in general)

One of her classes is a methods class dealing with methods of interpreting qualitative data. They've been assigned to use a lexical analysis tool (Atlas) to pull out concepts from transcripts of interviews that the class members did with people in the past couple of weeks.

This week Asha was confronted by one of her classmates holding a printed copy of her interview transcripts in her hands The classmate asked her how do I save this onto the computer?

No shit. She wasn't kidding. Asha asked her some questions just to make sure that said classmate wasn't just having a hard time asking how to copy a file into her student home folder. Nope. She really wanted to know how to *poof* pages of printed text directly into Atlas.

To quote my boss you can't make this up!


In other news, the last to days of my week were almost meeting-free. Of course, the front half of Thursday was spent fighting fires caused by power failures from the previous night's high winds. By the afternoon I just scooped all of my school construction stuff into my bag, bailed out at one, and holed up at the kitchen table at home. At least then I finally managed to get some work done!

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