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Settled, for the moment...

in picturesque Burlington Mass.

Today was the first day of a five-day Nortel training class. The drive up from Glastonboring went fine. Traffic on 90 and 95 was pretty tame for Boston area rush hour (I left home at six and hit the 90/95 interchange at 7:40). The one glitch was actually finding the training center. Yahoo Maps was hysterically wrong in where they plopped the 'star' for 25 Burlington Mall Road. Like, about a mile wrong. Thankfully there were enough businesses with the street number on their buildings that, after a couple of U-turns, I got myself to the right spot.

The first half of the class was equal parts review and show off all the nifty cards you can get for this switch. By lunch it was getting to be a lot like The Naming of Parts. This is the ten gigabit tri-port XEN card, which you have not got. The afternoon was more information-bearing (though still largely review), and finally around three we fired up the switches for the first time. What followed was a two-and-a-half-hour lab (class officially ends at 4:30, mind) as (most of us) got our switches properly configured with ports and VLANs and IP addresses. Tomorrow we get into routing protocols, and that should be worth the price of admission.

I found the hotel alright, despite continued inaccuracy by Yahoo (missing a street name this time). I'm presently camped out in my room, waiting for Pat to get settled in. The hotel has free Internet, and it even plays nice with my VPN client. Some time in the next hour we will sortie and see what we can find for dinner.

For you Google Earth lovers, my class is here: 71.19883724579206W,42.48834703176811N ...A veritable hive of corporate big glass boxes and maul mall culture.

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