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Yes, this felt like a Wednesday

How is it that I came to a place where getting POs through the system makes me hoot out loud?

I think that something bad may be happening to my soul. Also, I swear, for each additional mote of understanding I have about municipal funds accounting, I grow a step farther removed from vital living reality. When I understand the numbers completely, they will come and take me away. Or, worse, they will instead promote me.

Those things being said, the POs for this summer's buying campaign are all in the system as requisitions, and the first one of eight has emerged as a finished purchase order. If the other seven follow along like good little ducklings we should soon be receiving gear for the Library, and two school projects.

The City WiFi project lumbers on. Unsurprisingly IBM (the vendor) is pushing more things our way. I'm now pulling together details for the Internet feed needed for the project, scrounging up a spare router, and digging up rack space for the equipment. Oh, and for some bizarre internal legal department reason, IBM can't sell us servers with open source software loaded on them. Well, they could, but it would require an additional rider on the contract. Hello? Isn't this the company that's investing a billion dollars in Linux? What gives?

In other news, AT&T turned up late this afternoon to have another crack at the North Substation's flaky T1. They had been slated to be out first thing this morning, but we got hammered again last night with thunderstorms, so they were understandably a bit busy.

Oh, and someone unleashed a broadcast flood at Fox Middle School this morning. The building's core switch sensed the flood and shut down the port that the traffic was coming in on ... which happened to be the gig port that feeds the upstairs closet, thereby cutting off half of the school. We could have traced the source through traffic stats, but the engineer who went out wasn't thinking forensically and restarted several of the switches in the upstairs closet while trying to get the link up (he did, ultimately, realize that he needed to reset the port on the core switch). So, all we have is the event log from the core box, which does not contain any clues as to the culprit was, or what their malfunction was. Nifty that this should crop up the day after I spent half a morning talking with Nortel about their enterprise switch management / security products.

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