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Worth a thousand words...

So much of technology seems like technology for the sake of technology that it's refreshing to find technology out there actually making someone's life easier.

Thursday afternoon I stopped by Rawson school to have a look-see at the progress of the cabling contractor. When I checked in at the Construction Manager's trailer, I spoke with two managers from the CM about the cabler's lack of progress. By happenstance they were evidently already talking about the cabler, and both were of a mind that it was time to fire this outfit and bring in another contractor.

One of the CM's men went into the school with me to look at the IDF. He brought with him a little point-and-shoot digital camera; photos of the not-completed work would be part of the CM's documentation. A digital camera. This is one of those little technologies that has really changed things. Yes, construction people have toted cameras since the invention of portable photography, but the digital camera knocks down barriers to using photography to document work (or lack of work, in this case). The case against the cabler at Rawson will be strengthened by stark photos of an IDF with hundreds of blue cables dangling, unterminated, from the ceiling.

And that's a neat use of technology.

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