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Wall-to-wall deep-pile meetings

I have succeeded in spending the entire day in meetings about buildings. Nine o'clock saw me trooping over to the new site for Breakthrough Magnet School with the Nortel account team to meet with project staff to talk wireless. I had hoped for a walk around the site to firm-up our collective sense of the size of the building, but Mother Nature had other plans. It was pouring so hard we just dashed for the construction trailers like three wet cats. At one thirty it was Hartford Public Library's turn to talk wireless... The ride over got me a brief glimpse of golden sunlight as the trailing edge of the storm blew out. And, at five thirty I was trooping into Glastonbury town hall for the monthly meeting of the Public Buildings Commission (where I am in my second year as a commissioner); the architects for the new elementary school presented their schematic designs for the site and building.

The meeting at Breakthrough went for two hours and we essentially have the design done. The next step will be translating it into a parts list. We also covered a number of other useful technology items. On a one-to-ten scale this meeting probably warrants a 9. The PBC meeting was also quite good. We had a lively discussion with the architect regarding the school plans. My fellow commission members seemed to think that the questions I raised were good ones (perhaps because usually I don't say much, I usually get comments when I do). The commission member who usually makes us all nuts did very well -- had good comments, didn't run on too much, and accidentally uttered a straight line that gave Herb Schwind (Glastonbury's Director of Infrastructure) the opportunity for an "oh my God did he just say that" riposte. The group belly laugh was just what I needed. All told, an 8 or a 9. The Library. I won't drag out the details, so I'll summarize by saying that issues were discussed, potential problems were disclosed, and the library rep was his usual intelligent self. A 5 at best. Thank God there was sunshine to look at.

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